زبان انگليسي سرايان (اندیشه)

زبان انگليسي سرايان (اندیشه)
آینده شما در اندیشه ماست
[ جمعه بیست و هشتم مهر 1391 ] [ 7:11 ] [ محمد الهي ]

[ جمعه شانزدهم دی 1390 ] [ 8:23 ] [ محمد الهي ]
[ یکشنبه ششم آذر 1390 ] [ 11:23 ] [ محمد الهي ]

نمونه سوالات طبقه بندی شده درس به درس کتاب زبان انگلیسی سال سوم متوسطه

تمامی سوالات به صورت فایل pdf  است که شما براحتی می توانید انها را دانلود کنید.

درس اول :نمونه سوالات طبقه بندی شده درس اول

درس دوم :نمونه سوالات طبقه بندی شده درس دوم

درس سوم :نمونه سوالات طبقه بندی شده درس سوم


درس چهارم :نمونه سوالات طبقه بندی شده درس چهارم

درس پنجم :نمونه سوالات طبقه بندی شده درس پنجم

درس ششم :نمونه سوالات طبقه بندی شده درس ششم

[ پنجشنبه هفتم بهمن 1389 ] [ 12:14 ] [ محمد الهي ]
هشت نمونه سوال امتحان نهایی کشوری از درس زبان انگلیسی سال سوم دبیرستان
ادامه مطلب
[ دوشنبه هفدهم دی 1386 ] [ 8:4 ] [ محمد الهي ]

Book (3).Lesson (2)


Fill in each blank with one of the words given.


( harmful – send – doctors – low – solve – degrees – money – rubbish – fit – choose – way – examine – languages – spend – end – nurses – lessons – ashamed – stupid – end )


1. The purpose of  education is to ---------------- the children for life.

2. Free education can not ---------------- all the problems of society.

3. Some people have university ------------------ but there are not enough jobs for them to fill.

4. We need some people to clean our streets and take the -------------------- away from our houses.

5. Parents should -------------------- their children to school to educate them.

6. English and German are the names of two -------------------- not two countries.

7. If your mark is bad, you should be -------------------- of showing that to your father.

8. Farmers produce food and -------------------- cure the sick.

9. It is very important to -------------------- a good system of education.

10. Some people are poor and some are rich, some are -------------------- and some are clever.

11. He doesn't like work with hands because he thinks it is -------------------- work.

12. We should realize that education is not an -------------------- by itself.

13. "What is your brother's ------------------- in life?""He wants to be a doctor."

14.  In the sentence "Education is a means to an end.", the word "means" means --------------------.

15. You are always talking about money.It is an end for you. "It" refers to --------------------.

16. We know that all jobs are useful.The opposite of "useful" is --------------------.

17. People who work in hospitals and help the sick people but they are not doctors.They are --------------.

18. Don't ------------ a lot of your money on sandwiches and icecreams.They are not good for your health.

19. "History" and "physics" are the names of two -------------------- that students study in their schools.

20. People should -------------------- systems of education to see whether they are suitable or not.


Read the passage and answer the questions following it.


     I learned to cook when I was at school.We had lessons three times a week.Sometimes we made a mistake and burned the food, but usually we cooked it nicely and then ate it.I passed a cooking examination last year.

     But I learned more about cooking at home, from my mother, then at school, from my teacher, because I often helped my mother in the kitchen, and sometimes I cooked alone.

     I can make chocolate cake.I can make jam, too.In summer and autumn, when fruit is cheap, we buy a lot of it.I boil it with sugar.Then I put it in pots and put the pots in a cold place.In winter and spring, when there is not much fruit and it is expensive, our jam is very useful.


*21. How many times a week did we have cooking lessons?


*22. When did I pass the cooking examination?


*23. Did we eat the food when it was burnt?


*24. Why do I make jam in summer and autumn?



25. I make jam by fruit and chocolate.                 ( True / False )

26. Fruit is expensive in winter and spring.              ( True / False ) 

  27. My mother always cooked with me at home.          ( True / False )        

28. We often burned the food and ate it.               ( True / False )



29. I was taught to cook by ----------.

     a. only my mother              b. only my teacher        c. both my teacher and my mother     d. my parents


30. I boil fruit with ----------.

     a. water                        b. sugar              c. chocolate                      d. butter

Book (3) – Lesson (2)


Fill in each blank with one of the words given.


( problems – lying – Study physics – every – role – decide – clever – send – means – degrees – ashamed – food – fit – spends – end – educate – nurses – system – university – country )


1. Farmers produce -------------------- and doctors cure the sick.

2. We need some teachers to -------------------- our children and fit them for life.

3. My brother's -------------------- in life is money.He is always talking about it.

4. To -------------------- the children for life, you should educate them.

5. ------------------- is a place that most students go after high school to continue study.

6. Parents -------------------- their children to school to learn different things.

7. He plans to study physics.I think this is a good end."This" refers to --------------------.

8. Is it very important to choose a ------------------- of education?""Yes, it is."

9. He has hurt a little child and now he is -------------------- of what he has done.

10. The man was not honest and the police realized that he was --------------------.

11. -------------------- and doctors work in hospitals and help people have a healthy life.

12. Some people think that free education can not solve all the ------------------ of society?

13. In the sentence "He plans to study English." "Plan" means --------------------.

14. In our society there are not enough jobs for people who have university -----------------.

15. The government -------------------- a lot of money on educating children.

16. "Germany" is the name of a -------------------- but "English" is a language.

17. Those who clean the streets have a great -------------------- in our society.

18. Some people are rich and some are poor.Some are ---------------- and some are stupid.

19. In the sentence "Any society needs different services.", "any" means ------------------

20. Education is not an end but a -------------------- to an end.


Read the passage carefully and answer the questions following it.


Joe Richards finished school when he was 18, and then his father said to him, “You’ve passed our examinations now, Joe, and you got good marks in them.Now go and get some good work.They’re looking for clever people at the bank in the town.The clerks there get quite a lot of money now."

     A few days later, Joe went to the bank and asked for work there.A man took him into a small room and gave him some questions on a piece of paper.Joe wrote his answers on the paper, and then he gave them to the man.

     The man looked at them for a few minutes, and then he took a pen and said to Joe, "Your birthday was on the 12th of June, Mr Richards?"    "Yes, sir," Joe said.   “What year?”, the man asked.  “Oh, every year, sir." Joe said.


21. What did Joe's father ask him to get?


22. Where did Joe go for work?


23. What did Joe do in the small room?


24. When was Joe's birthday?


25. What does the underlined "them" in line 2 refer to?

[ دوشنبه بیست و یکم آبان 1386 ] [ 7:45 ] [ محمد الهي ]

1. Ali's average was very low last year,what should he do this year?


2. If you are very tired, what should you do?


3. How many centimeters are there in a meter?


4. Why do people go to cinema?


5. How many TV channels are there in Iran?


6. What are you going to study at university?


7. Are most people rich or poor in your city?


8. It is 10 o'clock and the bus leaves in two hours.What time does the bus leave?


9. If there are a theater and a cinema in a city, do people have a wide choice?


10. "The place where two countries have a war" is called a -------------.


11. What is the average of 12 and 18?


12. Where can you continue studying after high school?


13. If you want to see a film, where do you go?


14. Which day is between Saturday and Monday?


15. Who do you think are the biggest group of  TV viewers?


16. Which day is a holiday in Iran every week?


17. Does TV have any effects on your eyesight?


18. How many TV channels are there in America?


19. It is 8 o'clock and the train leaves in an hour.What time does the train leave?


20. You shouldn't allow your lives to be influenced by TV.                                           ( alow =                                )                           ( influence =                       )

[ دوشنبه بیست و یکم آبان 1386 ] [ 7:39 ] [ محمد الهي ]
[ سه شنبه یکم خرداد 1386 ] [ 8:31 ] [ محمد الهي ]

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